The Way I Like To Live

You can take a piece , you can have a slice,

But not the Jewson lot and not for less than the asking price.

You can share the spoils, you can split the treasure,

But you’ve got to get in amongst it, measure for measure.

You can voice an opinion, you can grab my attention,

But don’t tell me what to do and avoid conflagration.

You can make me laugh, you can smile at me,

One good turn deserves another don’t you agree.

I’ve got issues coming out of my arse and a chip on my shoulder

But isn’t it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You can take a real good look, you can see inside,

Lies and broken promises, I simply can’t abide.

You can have my loyalty, love and affection.

But woe betide you let me down, you’ll feel my insurrection.

I’m what is known as prickly, don’t rub me the wrong way.

Cos I will always be there at the end of the day.

You can like it or lump it

That’s all I’ve got to give,

You can take it or leave it,

That’s the way I like to live.

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