Betty's Poems

Betty first put pen to paper and rhyme to reason in 2002, and it did her the power of good absolutely changed her for the better, she is fitter, stronger, more decisive and has achieved more..... It is why she is an ardent promotor of it and why she has put it all together in her special , not so secret, blend in Betty's extravaganza.

Her poems , are not really poems but the ramblings of a rose that cannot be pruned.

They are a tonic nonetheless and have all the natural properties of her ditties , like willow is to aspirin.  

All Betty's ingredients come from life's natural resources, some are grown organically and some have been cultivated and modified by a human hand that is not her own. 

You can pick them, dry them, keep them, let them infuse and imbibe them. The potency of Betty's pomes can be weaker or stronger than Betty's Extravaganza and it is your choice as to how much you take. 

Betty advises that if you do so, as with all Betty's tinctures, do it with an open. loving and healthy heart and a content soul, her writings have been known to cause periods of overwhelming anxiety and self doubt to those people who have not got these things. 

It can also aid the digestion to take them with a pinch of salt but Betty wants to make it quite clear that she bears no responsibility for the effects of her words on the individual. You are your own person. ;-)

A Vivid Imagination

Of course, I’m blowing things out of proportion and I do …

Am I angry?

Am I angry? No I’m not angry…….i am fucking livid.

 Trying …


I'm amazing! don't worry it's not gone to my head,

It is just …

And I Hate Crying

I saw this bloke outside the pub down on his bended knee,

Aunti Inflammatri

She’s a supercharged amalgam, of rolling stone and talcum..

Boogie Night Tonight

It’s sixties night,  wow, down The Equilibrium,

Two for one …

Chicken House No.1

I didn’t want to get up for school this morning,

Couldn’t …


You were my first fiend, you had shiny shoes,

We used to …

First kiss

It seems we are in the right place,

I am just inches away …

Hold your horses

This is it, it is all very well and good,

We love each other …

Holding hands

We have written  many heartfelt missive,

We have shared our …

I Love You

(A song to my sassy dread girlfriend ..sistren)

All them …

I'm A Stray Dog Now

He had been lonely since he lost Anneka, and I had nothing,

In A Shade Of Our Making

We have never spoken, we will never meet,

Walking the same …

It's All Got A Bit Big

It’s all got a bit big on me and I don’t know what to do,


She was born in 1918, took after her father,

Caused her family …

Laying Myself Wide Open

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to tell someone,

It is doing …

Little Miss Schitzophrene

Put it down to growing pains, life’s daily stress’s and …

Love From Me

I do love you ay, you are handsome and witty

I might have …

Madam Will Have the Sambucca

 Madam travels the world far and wide, she watches the sunset, …


I'm stuck on the motorway in a layby in the rain 

and i be …

Mr Raj

(Tomas’ song)

He’s astounding, astonishing,magnificent,

He …

People Meet

Some people meet quite accidentally,

Sitting at Clapham Junction …


I’m off with the pixies, away with the faeries,

I do hope …

Political Animal

I was at Greenham Common, embracing the base, 

At the rock …


You’re gonna get you just desserts, your time will come,

Sad Fanship

I don’t follow your every gig,

And I only wrote one…two letters,

Shall we?

Go out on a limb,

Try climbing trees

Trip on a whim,

Take a …

Shit happens

She was hurt and he was hurt and it never got no better,


I’m Sorry but I’m not having that.

That was bang out of order …

Sunny Outside

It’s so sunny outside and I’ve got a big hat,

It’s sunny …

That's The Deal

Waiting in the carpark, on a cold, November evening,

Sitting …

That's Torn It

I’ve done it again haven’t I? put my foot right in it,

They …

The Boy Done Good

He was a good little chavver and listened to his mother,

The Lament

Those few brief encounters left a chink in her armour,

She …

The Picture Of Domesticity

My life will be neat and ordinary,

The picture of domesticity,

The Way I Like To Live

You can take a piece , you can have a slice,

But not the …


They come in all shapes and sizes,

Belong to different classes,

Time For A Soiree

An elegant and refined evening would be nice,

No losing it …


He’s never looked at anyone else I swear.

Ah but has he ever …

Try Hard

I’ve got bright pink hair and pristine Doc Martins,

Sitting …

What Did You Expect?

I am a child of complex needs,

I sit and wait for my next …

Words From The control freak


People are shit, they all write shit songs,

They have shit …

Would You

Would you brush back my hair, would you walk me down the …

Your choice


How do you wish to be seen,

Are you the person that you …

Your Staple Diet

I’m fed up to the back teeth, had a belly full,

Diddums wuddems, …

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