Betty's Up & Coming 

Invites! for you and for Betty :-)

Betty's events are chosen with care , the venues, the reasons, the causes are entirely random from a garden or park, to backstreet boozers to theatres and stadiums.

They usually involve singing, dancing, talking, laughing, dressing up, dressing down, formal or casual.

Betty may be there as host or a guest but whatever her role she will be there to enjoy herself and wants you to be there to do the very same.

Betty brings with her to any event a carpetbag holding a selection of finely distilled ditties, poetry, that she has mixed and combined into a recipe to suit, as is befitting for the time and place.

Any event Betty organises and/or attends will be presented with joy, enthusiasm, capabilty, art and beauty. They may be daft, they may be serious, they may be genteel and refined or wild and hedonistic.

Betty likes politeness and fun and she expects anyone who attends, including herself, to show love.......What is love Betty?......Betty thinks love is care, respect, consideration, encouragement, positivity and regard.

It's obvious really.......cos if we don't why on earth would we be invited back.

When she meets you it will be with the intent to be a pleasure........:-)x

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