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Here! you find the soap box!

the unadulterated rants and raves of a woman who has something to say! :-)

These are the roots of the flower, the heart of the matter.

Betty has grown alot of them herself but some of these roots come from waste ground, no man's land, parks and common ground , a few come from other people's garden's including politicians, governments, writers, everyone and everything really! the paper, t.v., her friends and family, her detractors and of

Betty also writes blogs as a kind of diary and in some of them you will see her planting seeds :-) can see them growing and blossoming....and crying out for water and a bit of enrichment.

She shovels up those roots, pounds 'n mashes 'em , put's 'em through a seive and drops them in a vat to ferment and digest, they can only take days to be ready but they can also stay there for years until they obtain the correct consistency, smell, taste and colour to be concocted into delectable ditties.

What Betty writes here can be sweet and cool to the taste but can also be quite unpalatable, it depends olives.....on the reader.

In either form ...:-) 

She is always as polite as she should be (  or as appropriate :-> ) she always writes the truth, she sees the world and people in it as her equal and tries to present an unbiased but forthright and certain opinion. 

Betty is aware that your opinion may differ and she is a great believer in freedom of thought and mind.....but also believes that she deserves politeness and respect is all our right. :-) xxx

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Peace and good will to all people..


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