Betty's Bio


Well now, get yourself a cup of tea and a few biccies and we shall begin.....

Betty's story is a roller coaster which began the day she was born.....

Betty came into this world too soon, much too soon and she wasn't ready! Her mother was very poorly, her father was very poorly and the doctors were unsure and made mistakes.... But little Betty wasn't having any of it! and survived her heart stopping two times and three violent seizures in her first night of existence..... It left her scarred and damaged beyond repair, she would not be like "normal" little girls, she would not be like "normal" teenagers, she would not be like "normal" women. 

And she never will be.....

Betty grew up in the fringes of Berkshire and the outskirts of West London , her childhood was on the face of it quite ordinary, except that she had cerebral palsy and  a mad, dysfunctional  and hippy family both of which things helped her stand out amongst the aveage citizens  of 1970's Britain.

Betty 's love of music and singing, performing , story telling and  taking to the stage has been a life long one; as is her love of communicating, talking, discussing, and exploring the concepts of the human mind, society and relationships.  She has in her time had a rollercoaster of a life, from her early teens  she faced bullying and  obtuse bigotry; she endured  16 years of  domestic abuse before finally finding the cataylst to spark her revolution and emerging into the public eye.

Betty is a romantic soul, she  can be both highly emotional  and  a  hardened pragmatist, she find the world a dramatic place and is not always comfortable in it. She is in rapturous love with the beauties, wonders and treasures it can hold and  is  devastated by the  injustices and destructive , harmful things she sees in it. She is a firm believer in the importance of being  and endeavours to create a world where peace , respect and  positivity , where life is valued and autonomy and individualism is encouraged and lessons  learned from  the dreadful mistakes we all have made. 

She is also as daft as a brush and actively encourages all she meets to  develop and encourage their silly side, see the humour in the darkest of situations, be unafraid and childlike , honest  and confident,  there is so much  to be enjoyed . 

The House of Betty that is Betty Woz Ere , was established in August 2005 and she has set up camp in various locations , in a literal sense and on the internet before arriving here.

Betty herself now lives in the suburbs, The sampler in the porch of Chez WozEre reads "Joy , health, love and peace be all here in this place"  from there, she  galivants about the country when it takes her fancy , performing and getting on her soapbox, attention seeking and  indulging in a life of glamour and excitement  before  getting a taxi home and writing  and creating songs to tell everyone all about it.

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