Hello My Pretties...

And a splendid welcome to you..... To the hub, the nub, the spring and font of all things bright and Bettyful.

Betty Woz 'Ere is the moniker, the tag, the signature of Betty and she's been there and done it!!!well not all of it you understand..... (she has never stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower f'rinstance) .....Betty sits, stands,walks,talks,wanders, flits, waltzes, breezes, dances, trips, traps, tippy pounces and leaps about, writing, singing and making music..about life, about the things she sees and hears and experiences. Sometimes she steals around and you might barely notice 'er and sometimes! Well! you can't bleedin' miss 'er! And everywhere she's been and is likely to go she appears to leave a mark, an impression..... You may or may not know why? but you feel it, you know it in your bones..... It sits well and easy with some people and other people she scares..... It's all a question of how you see her.

The strange and uncanny thing is Betty Woz 'Ere, has exceptions that prove the rule, she  writes and sings in the third person, she can assume the character of another, perhaps you, perhaps them, perhaps some other person entirely!!! And the story she relates is one she has never experienced, she may have made the whole thing up!!! You can wonder or make a wild guess about them..... But If you ask her she will tell you which ones they are..... ;-)

Betty Woz 'Ere is the wilful expression of a gamut of emotions, her song writing, singing and musical style has been likened to quite a few great people whom she herself admires, which is nice for her... Tom Waits, Ian Dury, Debbie Harry, Nick Cave, Marie Lloyd, Eliza Carthy, Chrissie Hynde, Hazel O'Conner, Kirsty McColl .....And yes there are similarities but bless 'em the people who said it were possibly drunk at the time , that she is talented and idiosynchratic like them is true..... She is alternative, jazz, folk, punk, music hall, indie, pub rock, caberet, pop, blues..and many more. Betty takes inspiration from life and music she hears and has been influenced by some of the above..... But also many more.....

That sounds pretty good ay!!!

Betty thinks you can and should make up your own mind though ay..... :-)

So how does she do it!!! smoke 'n mirrors...?


No..... None of these fantastical things..... How then?

Betty does what she says she does! she sees! talks! hears! knows! feels!!! Lives and loves! and she sees, hears, feels, knows and lives, loves herself! She sees, talks,hears, feels, knows and lives, loves you too!!!

Yeah right..... How can she?..... She can't talk, write, sing about me? Herself? Them?..... Walk with me? She can't know who and what she is and who, what i am? she can't do that with anyone!!!. Them?..... Or know what i am, they, are thinking? Feeling?..... Why should she love herself?..... Why would she love me? Them?..... Why would she listen to me? Them?..... Why should I? They listen to her?

All these things are relevant and valid questions.....

And Betty has seen them all before too.....

For her part she does these things because she chooses to  :-)..... And is as appropriate as is appropriate..... She does have an opinion, like your good self..... And to be honest,she thinks it's better to be honest, she will ask you why not? what makes you think she can't, shouldn't, wouldn't? Tell Betty all about it..... She is a caring soul..... Why do you not want or think you, they, she , should not be talked about? Looked at? Listened to? Feel?  Be felt? love? Be loved? When that is really all anyone wants..... To be important, relevant and of value and meaning..... Who in this world doesn't???

To love, you have to be able to feel and sometimes things you see , hear, experience, hurt and they will do too..... But it helps to have a friend around when shit 'appens.....

To love, you have to be able to feel,  and sometimes the things you see, hear, experience are funny! exciting! nice! wonderful!!! But it's better when you have a friend around to share and magnify the warmth and giddyness.

So come inside, Betty's house, Betty's emporium, is light and warm, calm and thoughtful, angry, outrageous, funny, rude, brazen, fronty, lovely, pretty, beautiful..... Come my pretties..... Contemplate..... Betty is a life and soul, a consience, an ego, a friend and a companion and she likes a soiree! Likes dressing up! Likes laughing and smiling even when she's crying..... She is is beguiled and overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all..... Come and join one and all, the last romantic's ball..... Be part of Betty's world.. ;-)

Have a little look at her writing..... Have a little listen to her songs..... Have a little look at her..you will see her, see yourself..... See them..... And you will, see, hear, know, live, love her, yourself and them..... Take it all in my dears, let it all out my luvvies, take her into your hearts and ride the ups and downs of life with her..... You will see that she and you and they, are only human..... So don't be scared..... lol.....

Come and go with her and maybe one day you will both meet and walk, talk,wander, flit, waltz, breeze, dance, trip, trap, tippy pounce and leap around and about , sing, dance and make music together.

Betty says..... Shall we?..... Lets..... That's a date then..... Wehay!!

Have a wonderful time while you are here ay and as always Betty wishes your day be full of all sorts of beautiful and amazing..... Things!!! ;-)

She truly hopes to see you, speak to you, write and sing to you, for you..... About you, with you..... Soon 

xxx :->

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