Sad Fanship

I don’t follow your every gig,

And I only wrote one…two letters,

I haven’t much memorabilia,

And I’m not an autograph hunter

But I’ve read a bit about you and followed your careers

And I know all the words and sing them loud and clear.

I have al your albums bar one,

And listen on a regular basis,

If I meet someone who’s heard of you, 

I have to stop getting too precious,

I sleep in your t shirt from the Brixton Academy,

I realise this is alarmingly syrupy,

But I don’t give a damn, and this makes me a sad fan.

I read every article I can find,

Sometimes I get word from my friends,

I prefer to go alone to see you play,

And I would dearly love to meet you one day,

I try to act cool and dignified,

Although I am a fluffy mess inside,

Worrying as it may seem I look like and sound like a sad fan.

I have been known to visit your website,

And check out your archives and links,

When your on Later with Jools ,

I get home early to catch a glimpse,

My ambition is to be a bit more like you,

And I have taken a practical view,

 unashamed , unembarrassed as I am, I am a great big sad fan.

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