Political Animal

I was at Greenham Common, embracing the base, 

At the rock against racism, a crowd in your face.

The disabled have got rights too,

 but actually haven’t met very many of you.

Nicaragua, Sandanista, not to mention apartheid,

Peaceful protest, marching part of the people’s might.

I had a coal not dole tea towel and banner,

Campaigned hard for legalizing marijuana.

The nurses, the dockers, firemen all had my support,

And I held the house together when mother went to court.

Now my head is firmly in the sand and my arse on the fence,

For all my commitment there was little recompense.

Where has my get up and go got up and went,

I should stand up and be counted I have more issues to vent.

I was a political animal, see how I roared

I was a political animal and now I am too tired.

I don’t like being bored and apathetic

I will march again very soon and tell them where to shove it.

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