Little Miss Schitzophrene

Put it down to growing pains, life’s daily stress’s and strains,

Everyone goes through teenage angst and that’s what everybody thinks,

That’s what everybody else thinks.

But she knows it’s much more than that, if they don’t do something she’s going to crack,

You see, they don’t understand, isn’t it obvious she’s out of her mind,

Isn’t it obvious she’s going out of her mind.

Worrying about the gas and rent, all the money on clothes she’s spent,

People do look at her in a way and they’re always careful what they say,

They’re always careful what they might say.

Little Miss Schitzophrene, is it a little drama queen,

Does it not know what happiness means,

Doesn’t it make her want to scream, cos things aren’t ever as bad as they seem,

When things are never quite as bad as they seem.

She doesn’t have many real mates and can’t remember the last time she ate,

She sits all day on the velodrome wall, it’s a wonder she gets out of bed at all

It’s a wonder she gets out of bed at all.

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