Two tone wonder! 26/10/11

It was a splendid evening, absolutely amazing! ... and made I a bit emotional as it went... why Betty? well , I shall tell you my pretties..

You see , I turned up once again Chez Shaw to visit W.A.M.A venue of choice just recently to see The Selecter!

The afternoon was spent preparing MatthewjShawphotographers with ......stuff, paraphanalia of a highly technical nature to which I say ...yes Matthew, that's brilliant!..........they are a bloody nice company and they have taken some jolly good pictures! I understand any of it...not a jot! but the fervour and passion of their work and they way Matthew immerses himself in the joy of it all , is rather wonderful to see... it is positivity personified. 

but that was not what made me so emotional ay...........neither was it the hospitality of Chez Shaw, cup o tea Bet? saffron cake Bet?, chicken satay Bet? chippies Bet? have you had lunch Bet? what will you be having for tea Bet? we've got omelette Bet? pasta? tortilla? ...wafer thin mint?............I am now, rather splendidly, two dress sizes bigger than i was a month ago :-) assets seem enormous.....i digress..

although this makes me really very happy, it was not this either...what then Betty? well it was this...

Made in Britain, that's what it was what's this you ask? is the new album by The Selecter out on vinyl now which can be purchased along with Black by design , Pauline Black's autobiography from their website, itunes, amazon , e.t.c.

The Show ..., indeed we turned up about half 8 and the band were on at half nine, the room was alive with black 'n,white chequer board,  harringtons and pork pie hats, i fell into chatting with a couple of the old guard, fans of The Selecter from their beginnings, now some thirty years ago or more. two tone is obviously a way of life, and they mentioned several of the other bands that came from that movement and  were so full of obvious pride and love for the music it was most heartwarming.

Now I would be lying if i said i knew anything about The Selecter as a band in particular, i was 11 in 1982 and if i was going to be allowed to any gigs i had to save that for Ian and The Blockheads,  but i wanted to, like i wanted to see so many other's i never got the chance to see... i haven't got their albums and i couldn't give you any facts about them at all . Likewise i dont know the reality of the period in which this band were formed but i know the two tone movement as not only skankingly good fun! but as incredibly influential, incredibly powerful and incredibly important to Britain , it's musical heritage in a ska based way, but also as a political message, a political way of life and a political point that is be to be resolved....and yes it was that that made me quite overwhelmingly emotional.

On stage Pauline Black in her crisp tailored coat and rather childlike buckle shoes, looked truly beautiful, her hair drawn back in a tidy ponytail , her presence was , smart, quick, precise, energetic, she bounces with the ease of tigger, but with so much more class, she exudes that strength  often seen in women of about five foot one, she is taller...but that..I am actually bigger than you could could ever imagine thing, that certain quality of assurance, that she knows who and what she is about. Well that is what i saw anyway and i was full of admiration. Likewise there was Gaps, in his pencil tie, satin shirt and iron pressed trouser, looking as natty as a dread, with the cool air of a man who does as he sees fit. And they were backed by the most splendid band of musicians.......they played all the tunes you want to hear, on my radio, 3 minute hero, James Bond...a fat bass was there by god! :-) I was also particularly taken with the horn section, splendid dance moves and tight as a pair of gold budgie smugglers :-)..

And again I was quite , very emotional, just at the sheer providence that fate conspired in my favour to actually get to see them live, but as they were introducing one of the songs they asked if there were any members of the BNP in the hiss, ...there wasn't ha ha!.... but the new album still has something to say on this....cos the wankers are still out there aren't they ay...there are still people who think immigration and multiculturalism are responsible for the problems that face this country...if they are not wankers the only equable word i can use is........rigid.......scared...oh  and wrong.  Having said that... my fave track i heard that evening from the album was a more wistful affair called , the time of our lives, i sang them harmonies baby, i sang!!

I danced my toosh off and out into the garden my pretties, i threw shapes a plenty, skanking my way through the floor, I did not see Matthew at all, although i believe, like many others he stood right by me. 

And after they went off to a rapturouus applause i felt myself being tugged their way... Matthew stood there beaming like animal in wonder of the spectacle and spoke at me...and i couldn't understand a word............i took my earplugs out.............VIIIIINYL........want vinyl, vinyl, want want want............

After a brief sojourn outside, was hot!, damn hot!....and chats with so the very happy boys from the sound desk, George and his mates were blown away with the night like me...we stood at the pool table and Matthew became the proud owner of Made in Britain, and got it signed :-).......shall we go and say hello? we then waltzed upstairs :-)  and I met some of these most lovely people, we had a laugh and shook hands, made promises of friendship on facebook, I was made to feel most welcome and they all appeared to have enjoyed the show as much as i did :-)

We saw them packed into their cars and safely on their way and stood out in the garden with a very chuffed looking Marco... another splendid night secured for W.A.M.A. and the Iorio burgeoning empire. 

Go to The Selecter website, facebook page and be impressed .

I hope i will get to see them again and maybe sometime i'll play support for 'em ay! why not Bet?  you do not play ska!...does it matter? .......and a  girl can dream..:-) xx

Sleep well my pretties, sleep well xxx

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