Would You

Would you brush back my hair, would you walk me down the stair,

Would you take my hand when I can’t stand,

Would you ask them not to stare.

Would you make room for my shoes, Would you take me to the loo

Would you cushion my arms, so I don’t self harm

Would you tell me you know what to do.

Would you clear up my sick, would you rub my pin pricks

If you didn’t have a clue, would you still try to pull me through

Would you have the stomach for it.

Would you sing me a little song Would you tell me I’m not wrong.

Although you are shit scared. Would you still show me that you cared,

Would you help me, it won’t last long

Would you sit there and wait for me, would you maintain my dignity,

Would you listen to my abuse, when I let loose?

Would you give me your empathy?

Would you dab away the spit, would you turn down the lights?

Would you know what I meant, when I am incoherent

Would you take me home and see me alright?

Or would you make to walk away with a hint of disgust in your eye

Would you stay because you had to and tut that resigned sigh

You know I can tell in a trice, if you have to think twice

I can see it in your watery smile that you’d rather run a mile,

The embarrassed shrug to passers-by, the brusque attempt at my lullaby.

I would really be better off on my own,

Please leave me here and get a cab alone.

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