Words From The control freak


People are shit, they all write shit songs,

They have shit ideas are saps and are wrong,

People don’t know what is good for them,

The world is shit and they should not stay long.



You are stupid and your view is askew,

You would understand if only you knew,

People are slags, wrag heads and shirt lifters,

I hate ‘em all and you should too.



I hate people, and there smiling faces,

The world don’t know what is staring them in the feaces,

Why would want to keep up this pretence,

In  this room or my mother’s are the only safe places.


Don’t disagree with me, like people are you shit,

If you really love me, you would stay in here and sit

Drink my drink but don’t eat any food,

I am what’s good for you and you will damn well know it.



People are shit they know that I can see,

I have read up on it you should understand bukowski

I hate myself, I am too scared to go alone.

If you really love me you will go with me.









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