He’s never looked at anyone else I swear.

Ah but has he ever brushed her hair,

Well he can’t do anything, anything for her,

He doesn’t want to, doesn’t want to care.

He’ll never understand her as long as he lives

For god’s sake something,  something’s got to give.

He’s never been the touchy feely kind,

He’s not one to really speak his mind.

But there is something wrong, is he blind!

Does he want it spelled out , underlined.

Didn’t they have a lovely time the other night?

Well no not really but she can do without another catfight,

Whatever he does he can’t put it right,

Give her a while and she’ll be alright.

He really does love her, of course he does,

But for crying out loud, he’d have just cause.

All he ever wanted was to be alone,

She’s the most difficult woman, he’s ever known,

Well if she is such a bloody great millstone,

It seems he’d be happier if she was gone.

He’s forever being misunderstood,

For the love of jesus, does she want blood,

He do anything, anything he could.

To stop her noise, shut her up for good.

All he ever wanted was a quiet wife.

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