They come in all shapes and sizes,

Belong to different classes,

From every generation,

Don’t matter what their race is.

Oh, they were never there, I know who you are.

They say it’s just for a laugh,

Put in their two penneth worth,

Have go their own version,

Don’t know when enough’s enough.

Oh they didn’t ever stare, I know who you are.

They sleep so soundly at night,

They were only messing, it will be alright,

They will never see the damage they do,

Life’s a bleeding lottery, it could’ve been you.

Oh, they pretend to care, I know who you are.

They know al about it,Always get their facts straight,

Draw their own conclusion,

Learnt it off their brother’s mate.

Oh they were always fair, I know who you are.

They think it stands to reason,

Always put the boot in,

Find the final solution,

Wont be the last ones.

Oh, they weren’t ever scared, I know who you are.

Life’s a bleeding lottery , it could’ve been you.

You don’t often see the damage they do

But they know who they are and so do you.

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