The Picture Of Domesticity

My life will be neat and ordinary,

The picture of domesticity,

I’ll make pastry and scones, get the ironing done,

I’ll dust polish and hoover, I’ll be the mistress of the stain remover.

Some make it seem simple, find it rewarding,

Maybe it’s aptidude or entirely boring,

Can’t keep on top of it, definitely not my bag,

I’d rather settle down with a cup of tea and a fag.

Because I’m not working, I should be a housewife,

I try to make an effort, turn over a new leaf,

It’s all about application, knowing where to start,

I have clearly yet to master that art.

My flat is a bit dirty, in fact it’s a right state,

I worry about it constantly, lie awake at night,

It’s not that it’s untidy, everything has it’s place

But I know that bit behind the oven is an utter disgrace.

I will get around to it, feel a sense of achievement,

People will admire my skills in home management,

I’ll turn the T.V. off and have a go at knitting,

There’s gonna be some changes, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

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