The Lament

Those few brief encounters left a chink in her armour,

She knew it wasn’t going to go away,

There was a warm and tender feeling, she had no way of concealing

She hadn’t felt like that in many’s the day.

In those moments she’d forgotten and a beautiful silk curtain,

Settled over her world weary past

Y’see, she’d shut her heart away, it was safer that way.

When she found her love light dimming fast.

The circus came to town and asked her why she bore that frown

And soon her dreams they came to know,now it was all that she could do, to keep her heart from bursting through

And letting all her trials and affections show.

There would be a heavy price to pay if she were to runaway, the one big lie she had built and the awful sense of guilt, might be to much to bear.

The life that she had known would all come tumbling down, the friends she might lose were untold and the brawl that would unfold might surely hurt her more.

So when the circus comes round again, she’ll take her chance and drink it in,

A medicine she’ll find hard to do without

She will dance and sing all night and her light will shine that bright

That the love she loves will never go out.

But she will stay behind her wall and refuse to answer the call

As the strongman disappears from her view

And she will bide her time with the few joys she finds at home

Out of sight she’ll keep her heart true.

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