That's Torn It

I’ve done it again haven’t I? put my foot right in it,

They are never going to forgive me this time, I’ve well and truly torn it.

I open my big mouth, Why don’t I ever learn,

I should think before I speak and only say what I mean.

I wish the ground would swallow me up, it sets my teeth on edge,

My stomach is knots, I can’t take back what I’ve said.

If I can’t say anything right  , I shouldn’t say anything at all.

And right here, right now I couldn’t feel more small.

Why couldn’t I keep my big trap shut, it was not called for or just.

And now it’s me, not them or her with egg on my face.

All I said was true but that is after the fact, it is my intention and my judgement  that;s nasty why would I say a thing like that?

I said she looks like a readers wife, with her white bra straps under gold and black lace.

I said she should get her roots done, and clean her fucking house.

I wouldn’t like it if someone talked liked that to me, I don’t and so I should get a grip and just let her be.

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