That's The Deal

Waiting in the carpark, on a cold, November evening,

Sitting in the foyer, wondering, watching the door,

Listening for your call, not knowing what you’re doing,

Killing time and finding ways, to lift my spirits off the floor.

You were supposed to be here hours ago.

Meeting your chums, down the local, wishing I was somewhere else.

Thinking that you’ll want me if I laugh at their jokes.

A bag of crisps is not enough to feed my sense of self.

And why do I keep feeling I should try and hide my chokes.

You were supposed to show me, I didn’t know.

Seeing your new girlfriend and her house, I was seething,

Holidays together, were you having a laugh, I was crying,

Trying to make amends, believing you never cared.

Trying to make friends, thinking you never meant a word.

The rug was pulled from under me and my world was torn asunder, see.

I still see the sun shining out of your backside,

Accept your gifts, still giving, wanting more,

Like a sap, still doting, I’ve got very little pride,

Trying to pretend, and then some, I havn't seen it all before.

You have bought me many things and I don’t want to be ungrateful,

But as a parent, you were supposed to love me, that’s the deal.

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