Sunny Outside

It’s so sunny outside and I’ve got a big hat,

It’s sunny outside and I’ll have a bit of that,

Such a lovely day, the outlook fair and balmy,

I’m going to soak up the sun and no one’s going to stop me.

It’s so sunny outside and I shall lay myself out,

They are already saying there will be a drought,

The hot dog and ice-cream van is on it’s way round

And i can see a heat haze coming off the ground.

It’s so sunny outside, come let’s make a day of it,

I’ll pack us a picnic and we can take a blanket,

There’s a hose pipe ban, strawberries and cream,

Slap on a bit of protection, no what I mean.

I can think of no better way, to spend this corking lovely day,

Than getting your kit off and catching a few rays.

Fine and breezy, take it easy, a coconut blend,

Having a barbee, inviting a few friends.

Today we can think of the future, make plans and tell of our dreams,

Today we can let our hair down, dip in a toe, it’s nice and warm.

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