Shit happens

She was hurt and he was hurt and it never got no better,

I don’t think you can forget, no nor never should,

But you can take pride in the fact you did the best you could.

Forgiving and forgetting is a philosophical matter,

Driving round in circles you end up a nutter.

Unless you didn’t o course?


 Did you promise each other to never make that mistake again,

It happened again and you let it happen,

Made you feel a cunt and your fingers kept on trapping

Who cheated who and didn’t keep the bargain,

Until you are in separate rooms counting to ten.

 Unless you didn’t o course?


To all intent and purpose to the casual observer,

Sitting on your back stoop,Your love was never in question

A mask for every occasion, the king and queen of evasion,

You were the picture of  together the mirror of each other,

You wrought it on yourselves, a mirror cracked by horror.

 O  course it was……….


Shit happens and there’s no one you can blame,

Sitting on your back stoop pointing the finger,

You have made mistakes too and the memory does linger,

But what can you do to douse the flame.

Not a lot is what and the outcome stays the same.


Could it really stay the same , go back to what it was,

What it was was wrong from the beginning

Trying to build a house without proper planning

You were trying to hard, not hard enough, because

There was something , each other, you were scared of.





 ã Beth Dismore May 09
















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