I’m off with the pixies, away with the faeries,

I do hope you’ll join me, I’m going next Tuesday,

A flight of fancy, a bit of truancy,

And we can be home in time for tea.

I have a funny feeling, something’s tickled me,

I must frolic lax a dazy, unashamedly free,

It’s all rather exciting, that music sounds very inviting,

I have a yen to dance again, in front of our settee.

I have a sudden rush, I’m really overcome,

I must gambol lightly, tell no one where I’ve gone,

I find it enthralling, at the park the swings are calling,

I’ll have a lark in the dark, howling at the moon.

I have an inspiration, I always like a dare,

I must trip gaily, around the local fair,

If people stare I’m not sure I care,

I will yell, from the carousel, to anyone who’s there.

I have got an impulse, of frivol and abandon,

I must do something to relieve the boredom,

It won’t be long before I burst into song,

I was dropped in the cauldron, I am really on one!

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