People Meet

Some people meet quite accidentally,

Sitting at Clapham Junction drinking tea,

Going out somewhere the tickets were free,

Perhaps they’re off to see the family.

A couple find they have a lot in common,

Having such similar opinions,

As luck would have it, it’s a good connection,

They’re going to be going in the same direction.

Look at them laughing with the ticket inspector,

Sharing a packet of jammy dodgers,

Putting the world to rights, it’s full of conspiritors,

Looking like a right pair of old codgers.

People exchange their email addresses,

And send a few long and detailed missives,

On planning a short visit, calm and restive

One’s bringing the Darjeeling, the other the digestives.

Some hold each other in high esteem,

And chat about how, life and everything seems,

In the back garden, letting off steam,

Over a large tin of custard creams.

In times of need, one offers some solace,

If it’s a bit nippy, the other offers a fleece.

With some pink wafers, any old excuse,

They while away the day being deliberately obtuse.

Just when you need it, you’re in good company,

It’s amazing how good having a friend can be.

Just when you need it, isn’t it a lovely thing to see,

A shoulder to rely on, a little bit of tea and empathy.

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