Mr Raj

(Tomas’ song)

He’s astounding, astonishing,magnificent,

He is known throughout the sub – continent,

The marvellous Mr.Raj.

He’s amazing, enchanting, remarkable,

His reputation is quite impeccable,

The marvellous Mr. Raj.

He’s intriguing, staggering,inventive,

His tales of adventure seductive,

The marvellous Mr. Raj.

He’s fascinating, distracting, blameless,

He ran away with a millionairess.

The marvellous Mr. Raj.

He’s beguiling, mesmerizing, sanguine (or sanguine)

He’s a master of nouvelle cuisine (or cuisine)

The marvellous Mr. Raj.

Mr. Raj, gardenia corsage,

Wherever there is fashion, he’ll be there.

Mr. Rag, dressage and espionage,

In but a moment he can turn on his flair.

Nonchalant, opulent, corpulent?

Decadent, prescient, Fraudulent?

Yes it is an unusual smell,  he likes to call it Jezabel, it comes from Istanbul, no I haven’t seen the Madamoiselle, It is entirely circumstantial, do they have evidence, no? now there’s a coincidence.

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