Madam Will Have the Sambucca

 Madam travels the world far and wide, she watches the sunset, down at low tide,

She never finds time to paint the front door, far too many things in the world to explore

 She takes piccies so she won’t forget, the monkey in morocco laughing, soaking wet

She’s had more adventures than she can count and everywhere she goes she gets  blind drunk


And madam will have the sambucca, not whiskey, not gin and not vodka, in Mexico,  France and Australia

Every morning she ‘s off in search of her dreams and every plant and creature there is to be seen

Madam finds the cold an awful bore and it hurts her hands  and heart more and more

 Waiters love her coming, she’s a delight, she tips them well and stays late  every  night

She’s fallen down in every town  and took the table with her with never a frown


And madam  drinks the sambucca , not whiskey, not gin and not vodka, in  Thailand , in crete and the Gambia , madam will have the sambucca




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