Laying Myself Wide Open

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to tell someone,

It is doing my head in, it is freaking me out,

I can’t go any further till I let it all out.

I am going to trust you and talk the talk,

I want to do things I can’t do without,

Telling you and telling you, telling will hurt.

I am going to have to lay myself wide open to you.

I do trust you  and I believe you care

It will be o.k. what real harm can come?

To me or you and once it is done.

I can lay myself wide open to you.

You will say you understand and give me the time,

I need to reaquaint myself  to  being touched

And you will know how much it takes, so very much.

I am going to bravely lay myself wide open to you.

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