I Love You

(A song to my sassy dread girlfriend ..sistren)

All them things, them things what you do, them things what you say and do,

All them things, them things what you’ve been, them things what you’ve been and saw.

Are you? Were you?Did you ?

I love you,

No! I love you more.

I’ve been trying, trying so hard, trying to tell you and I got it all wrong,

Got my knickers, my knickers in a twist, in a twist it’s taken so long,

Was I? Did I? Have I? 

I love you,

No! I love you more.

There’s more, more than you’ll ever know, more than it’s possible to show,

More than I can ever express, the thanks, the feelings of tenderness.

That day at the church hall,, over the angelica,

How many years ago? We neither of us can remember.

You were so beautiful, your style was just effortless,

I wanted to be more like you, tried my best to impress.

On you…

That I love you,

No! I love you more

And there it is, I can’t hide it anymore, you have been my lifeline and I thank you  by the score.

There are things I can give from me, your welcome be my guest,

And I am so happy I can simply get this off my chest.

Is it? Does it?  Really?

Yes and I love you.

No! I love you more.

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