Hold your horses

This is it, it is all very well and good,

We love each other and so we should.

But I do believe there is a fundamental problem,

Hold your horses, mate, we are going to fast.


There are things we need to do to make this love last.

We can say but cannot feel it, could leave us stumbling.

There is an attraction, a big one, I’ll grant you,

But we both have worries that are not our issue.



It woudn’t be a good idea, right now, things need sorting out.

But one fine day we might show what it’s all about.

We love each other and that’s a marvelous thing,

It’s a place to start ,surely the best, and we could be best friends.



I could kiss you but that is all,

You could fuck me then not give me a call,

If you want a one night stand, that really isn’t my plan.

If I want you to show me your compassion, you haven’t got it to hand.


If we become friends, pr’aps we can learn what we need,

Pr’aps our love can grow from this lovely little seed,

And you might see, I am worth a bit of effort,

And then I can let you put your hand on my skirt.




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