You were my first fiend, you had shiny shoes,

We used to walk each other down the end of the road,

We were joined at the hip and shared the same views,

We had the same sense of humour, decidedly lewd.

You were my best mate, had a nylon bedcover

I was well impressed and we copied one another,

We used to get up to all sorts together

We stood up for each other, fiends forever.

You were a fair person, you had white sliced bread,

We used to wet ourselves, winding up your Dad,

We were on our bikes, made shit pies and mud.

We led each other astray, whenever we could.

You were my partner in crime, you had your brothers,

We used to go covert on that hippy lodger,

We were down the rush, worried the neighbours,

We wore the same clothes, like twin sisters.

You were always loyal, you were going to go far,

We did unmentionables in the back of that car,

We were growing up, stuffed socks in our bras.

We had our last supper and now it’s been years.

I hope you have happiness, health and wealth,

My best wishes to your family and stuff,

I wish we had never lost touch,

I wonder if you think of me much.

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