Chicken House No.1

I didn’t want to get up for school this morning,

Couldn’t get rid of an awful nagging feeling,

I’m a big boy now, quite the little man,

Got to look after my mother, do all I can.

I put on my uniform and collected my flowers,

Waited for my sister she can take hours,

Mother is so proud of me, I look so handsome,

I wish I didn’t feel so very frightened.

The lady in the corner had a very loud voice,

It was not a place for little girls and boys,

A man with a list showed us into a room,

Don’t worry please, I’ll look after you mum.

The Miss kissed my cheek and sniffed her flower,

My sister digged me in the ribs and called me a coward,

I knew something was wrong, felt it in my waters,

Walking right in like lambs to the slaughter.

I won’t ever grow up

The man guided my sister up the corridor,

He wore aftershave and he swore,

I gave him my hardest stare,

 I didn’t believe I had seen him there before.

I didn’t want to die cos my mum would’ve killed me.

Now my flowers have begun to wilt,

And I can’t wash away the smell of guilt,

I wanted the loo but it wasn’t a good time,

Now who’s going to look after my mum.

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