Boogie Night Tonight

It’s sixties night,  wow, down The Equilibrium,

Two for one on port and lemon, alright mate your on!

It’s seventies night, cool, down The Dorchester,

Fancy dress, get off your face on vodka and cresta.

It’s eighties night, sweet, down The Regatta,

Spritzer and a slice, Get in half price,, call it a bender.

All  the boys and all the girls, 1,2,3,4.

Check your breath and check your hair, get your handbags on the floor.

Tiara Wand and lipstick, lip gloss and glitter, wishing that the lads were a little bit fitter.

Combats, Ben Sherman, shit, shave and a shower, wishing they’d remembered their pulling power.

Chicittita, you and I know, you never get a hangover from blackcurrant and pernod.

Wild boys, never lose it,  you can still remember your way home on 14 pints of  strongbow

VA va va voom at The Clockwork ballroom, sends the crowd doolally, they finish off the night tasting the delights of a fry up at Blind Jazz Alley.

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