Am I angry?

Am I angry? No I’m not angry…….i am fucking livid.

 Trying to make me feel guilty, responsible for something you did,

Trying to make me responsible for something only you can do,

I have heard it all before and it’s a crock of poo.


Shall I tell you what I did to you?

I said I loved you…

I said I was attracted to you

I said I would like to have a relationship with you.


Am I angry? more than I can find words for

You have had a hard life, haven’t we all,

I am erupting with undiluted fury, cos it’s you who are to blame,

All you had to say was, I am happy on my own thanks all the same.


What was your reaction to that?......shall we? Let’s discover?

You think me, a liar, this ‘n that , that ‘n the fucking other?

It’s all my fault and every bastard misery you make of your life is down to me?

No mate, that aint the truth and no, nor would it ever be.

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