Betty's Extravaganza & Her Romantic Ravings

Welcome one and all, all creatures bright and small, to Betty's Extravaganza, the last romantic's ball.

Betty's extravaganza can cure all ills, there is no need for libation or pills.

The Lurgy the flu, the palsy, the ague,

Betty's Extravaganza can make them better for you.

Come join the cavalcade, the last ditch parade, it's a tried a tested remedy, that makes you feel a little bit giddy,

Betty's extravaganza wont let you down it is the best panacea in town.

It doesn't take a moment to feel the effects, starts in your toes and goes up the back of your neck.

OF all the solutions, poultices and potions, from the Eiffel Tower to Grand Central station, north, south, east and west Betty's extravaganza has proved the best.

Anyone can sample the untold joys Betty's Extravaganza commonly employs.

The only suggestion Betty upholds, is that you do not forsake it as you grow old.

Betty's Extravaganza is a life long delight and it is at your beck and call anytime day or night.

And when you know and wonder,  that the rain will bring some thunder, this sweet medicine will turn the rain into sun and Betty's work will have been done.


This album was orchestrated and produced by an extraordinary musician and man named Mark Cottrell

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