The Water Rats! Kings Cross ;-P x

What a laugh! :->

Betty was invited to bring a band with her to support Buster Bloodvessel and Bad Manners for a ska based jolly.

It was a riotous night and she skanked along with the best of 'em. Mr. Bloodvessel was a gent and offered a wide variety of refreshments.

Betty is this time joined by Mark Cottrell on guitar as well as Andy Golding on guitar, Paul Warwick on drums, Dave Oliver on percussion and Richard Golding on bass.

edith piaf moment
Herr Flick!
i might be lost
let it all aht!
lost in music!
the stage is set
you want welly
alright my luvvlies
Betty Woz Ere at The WaterRats April 2008
come on you lot! smile!
don't take my picture now!

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