Hey there Betty Girl!!! :-) xx


On a slightly rainy day in Reading, Betty became an icon  for the day, once again doing a turn as model for MatthewJshawPhotographers. Here we see her in full 1960's flight , promoting the  company's vintage arm. You too can become mr.Benn for the day, dressing up in clothes from any period between 1907 and the present day, Matthew and hs people can make you feel speshal like Betty. You can see more piccies from the shoot through the round window. :-) xx

60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-014
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-008
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-010
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-006
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-011
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-018
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-040
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-039
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-037
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-036
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-031
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-032
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-028
60s Beth-Reading-14:09:2013-015

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