Milk and alcohol

 I have had many discussions of late about addiction, to drugs and alcohol.

It strikes me every time that people make the distinction between the two…alcohol is a drug and a very addictive one at that!

 Is it because alcohol is legal like cigarettes and the government makes a huge revenue on it, that it is kept legal.

 Why should alcohol and cigarettes be legal when, cannabis, cocaine and heroin are not?

 When they both kill many many many more people each year than any of the others.

I have tried drinking, oh yes! When I was a shaver! I gave it my best and when I was 12 there was not much I liked more than a sneaky, rather large swig, out of my mum’s wine box!! I liked the taste of it then and equally the effects! 

The sheen wore off however and I didn’t like the taste after a while, I remember when I turned 18, going into the pub again…. I had been there a very good few times before that and ordering a beer………….found it quite underwhelming as it went and pretty much didn’t drink much more after that…..

 I have done since then, on occasion but it made me feel a bit sick and my legs go numb and I didn’t like it really. I am soooo a milk and two sugars woman.

 If I do happen to have an alcoholic beverage it is likely to be a snowball and always in homage to my gran 

 It was Amy Winehouse that kicked off these conversations I have been having and then a night out with the girls at the weekend……my friend Mike wrote the most eloquent pice on Amy... it wasn't  drugs that made her what she was ay....

That drink and drugs were her demise, and technically this is true but as we all know, the reasons many people of all ages fall into some kind of dependency, with awareness or no… they are many and broad and have roots that go deep.

My take on the subject is and always has been more grey…………the grey areas… taking drugs is not black and white…………as you know I think it is a person’s choice as to how they behave. …And moreover the distinction between niceness and rudeness, is something drugs do not conceal or take blame for.

I know and have known some huge drinkers and huge drug takers in my time, I still know some of ‘em and a few of ‘em are good and dear friends.

 It is a fact that, I see my friends get absolutely shit faced, legally or illegally, I don’t mean a bit merry! I mean absolutely wrecked! They are singing and dancing and swearing and being really loud! Silly, funny, sweet, good natured, swinging, swerving, falling over, having accidents, speaking their minds, laying their hearts open, weeping, dancing, singing, ….absolutely gazebo’ed!  And we have a most glorious time and they really really love me, they really really doooo.  And then sometimes they wake up with a shocking hangover, draped even… it hurts and they won’ do it again…it was the drink and drugs wot made them do it! ..was it my lovely?.... But they do! And we have another thoroughly lovely time and I make sure they get a taxi home, very often they can't remember a thing about it! and i tell them what happened :-) they , to a person, believe me and laugh! hurrah!…….. xxx


Some of my friends have got lost along the way in drugs, drink & drugs, drink, drugs……and it has affected their health, mind body, and spirit.   It has killed one or two of them, a great a sad loss that it was and is…..


The other side of the token is the people I have known who when they have drunk or taken drugs, they become, maudlin, angry, bitter, cantankerous, rude, vicious, nasty, violent, dangerous, manipulative. They  have sat or fallen in the corner, swaggered or launched themselves at others, talking spite and venom , hatred of their existence and every bugger else.,, they were wankered, bollocksed, well cut,  wasted, they hate me, they really do, they are sickened. And they sometimes wake up with a shocking hangover, …it hurts and they won’t do it again! was the drink and drugs wot made them do it!...was it ?.....But they do! And we have another fucking miserable time and I make sure they get a taxi home, very often they can't remember a thing about it! and i tell them what happened :-( they to a person, deny everything and have made me cry....not nice!....


Some of these people have got lost along the way in drugs, drink & drugs, drink, drugs…. And it has affected their health, mind, body and spirit……..strangely enough though it hasn’t killed one of them??...........


And this happens to many people not just me… it’s happened to you hasn’t it?


Drunkeness is in the lap of the beholder my pretties!  :-) xxx



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