Making Friends 

Here’s a lovely thing……it’s all about trust and beauty..

I have always seen new people in my life as friends and will go on to….

Whether I meet someone new through other friends on the internet, at a gig, pub, on the platform at Clapham Junction,

Every new person you meet is a stranger ay……… may be briefed about them, have some basic knowledge of them, you may not…..but I think it is a lovely way to be, to be friendly to them.

You may meet people who live their lives in a completely different way to you and who have different values, outlooks, wants and needs. And if you know and trust that will be the case, if you know and trust that everyone is different and that that is ……o.k. then y’laughing ay…..

We all have our own values and opinions, do we not?.........f’instance, everyone knows I do not like demeaning, disparaging,  derogatory remarks said, written or implied from any person about any person.. People know I do not like violence, shouting. People know I do not like,  lying or withholding the truth. People know I do not like negativity and self made misery.

How do people know this? Cos I tell them!!

People know I love singing and dancing, they know I love laughing and smiling, truthfulness, opinions, views,  and positivity, people know I love politeness.

How do people know this ? cos I tell them!!

If you do not say who you are and what you believe in then no one stands a chance of being a friend to you.

If you do not know what to say and what you believe in, then it is a good thing to find out, learn what makes you comfortable and gives you a sense of purpose.

That is what I mean about trusting yourself

So when meeting a new person,  I be myself, and I be the things that make me feel comfortable, give me a sense of purpose, make me feel proud of myself and People know the list of things that I am, be and do.

Among my friends, I have people from every economic background, every status, every history, every sex, race, creed, ability we are friends because we trust each other and love each other.

What is Love Betty? me, it is…..respect, consideration, regard, safety, honesty, admiration, care,  positivity, encouragement.

And I love everyone I meet………if people do not show me love or accept my way of living then I do not deride them, any of them  but I believe it is their own mistrust and fear of me that endengers this.

People do meet strangers with mistrust and fear, they see the worst, think the worst, think negatively about them either because they have not met anyone like it before or they have been misinformed about  them.   This is why, we have racism, sexism, religious conflict e.t.c. …e.t.c.

People have met me with mistrust and fear, because they have never met anyone like me before or have been misinformed about me.

When people fear and mistrust ,they have judged you as a danger, as wrong and unacceptable.

I do not fear or mistrust people, I do not judge them as a danger , wrong , if they do not agree with me or live my way but I will not accept people in my life who have no love. For me or my fellow human. This is the only wrong I see in life.

So if anyone has a knife or a gun, or a fist, or a bad word that is the only wrong I see.

Sticks n stones may break your bones and words hurt just as much.

I do not see the point in that, it doesn’t bring anyone any joy! No fun at all, no smiles, no laughter, no safety.

So my advice ……listen to Aunty Betty , you know it makes sense……… to trust that everyone is different, there is no norm , that everyone is an individual and if they have no Betty love or Betty trust for themselves or you. Then walk away.

It will hurt sometimes , a lot, but you’ll live, and you’ll go on to meet a new friend soon.

Having no people in your life , no trust or love, I can only imagine, would be very lonely indeed.

Look after your friends my pretties xxx

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