It's not all music! 06/08/12:-) x

My dear readers! As you may well have guessed , the bettywozere website is not all music ay :-) it is also a diary ,a forum a platform for Betty to express herself in as many ways possible. Although it has to be said she WILL NEVER BE A TREE FOR ANYONE! ha ha.

Whilst completing and setting forth two albums of ditties and gigging when appropriate, there are sometimes more expansive things she has to speak of. 

Betty's musical forays are sporadic and as she has a singular lack of ambition, she is not want to bust a gut trying to promote herself as it were.......and the gigs she does are more likely to fall into her lap as an opportunity that comes along to be taken at that moment, than to actively seek them out . Why?.....well its not for need of fame or infamy that she does it, it is not need for money or security than she does it , it is not her whole life and she does not see it as a career and she does not do it for the sake of anyone else. 

BETTY LOVES SINGING       and she feels she is quite good at writing ditties , making up tunes to fit her words and she will thank no one for saying she shouldn't ... but neither would she thank them for saying she should!!

But more importantly Betty loves an easy life.... she is not so lazy as this might prompt you to think... but she cannot be arsed with the music "scene", promotors, musicans, .........the ego's the the insecurities, the obligations, the lies and the bare faced snobbery that goes with that..

and before anyone gets on their high horse! i know some very wonderful , singers, players, so talented who have made a living out of their creativity and skill.......i also know many who are just as talented and wonderful who haven't and i see very little difference between them, ... they are all happy with their lot..... they do it fairly obviously because they love it!

I also see talented singers and players who have something to prove, whether they make a living out of it or not , they sing or play to be seen as cool, hip or trendy , they do it so other people will look at them and love them and turn out to be not so bleeding wonderful at all .

But you have a website Betty, your ditties are on i tunes and you make posters, do photographs.... , aren't you calling the kettle black my dear?      ..... well no, that's my point! it's not all music for me....... I love singing but i do most of my singing, in the car, at home at work, in the swimming pool, on the bus.......and alot of the time i do it when no one else is with me.......i do it cos it makes me feel great, along to the radio, or cd's , whilst in mid conversation , with myself and others! i break into song!!

My website has blogs and poems that are quite unpalatable to some of the general populace, on one page i write about gigs and soirees...on another i write about subjects, such as , abuse, emotional blackmail, suicide and bullying, disability, depression and hatred, plus pacifism, religion, race, cats, n dawgs, dating n sealing wax, particle physics and milk..........people get worried by this and sometimes worry for me...

apparently it will not win me friends or fans...but by the same token.....i believe it has!! i know it has!!!........and anyway's just me , sounding off! everyone needs a place to do it!  otherwise they would fall off their perch! and i do it here!

being a friend or fan ( or both!! ) of Betty Woz 'Ere is not all music and i appreciate every one of those who are :-) x 


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