Axel Rose might be a bit of a tit 06/08/11

And here we are again my pretties!...where Betty? why! W.A.M.A my dears, this is becoming a bit of a habit, is it not?

I do hope so.... as once again i was invited to this delightful venue to see Guns 2 Roses...........England's premier Guns 'n Roses tribute band.

I arrived at Chez Shaw in plenty of time for a spot of tea and a chinwag with Matt's parents, a most hospitable and lovely pair, we get busy straight away with a gossip and a chinwag on so many things! cup o tea Bet? don't mind if i do! Matt cooks for us all, as is his want and we start to feel that it might be nice to sit in and watch a bit of telly, so comfortable it is there....but i haul myself off the sofa and put a it of slap on! I am not unashamed to say i like a drop of Guns 'n Roses and am preparing for a right old sing song and a laugh!!

The trip to W.A.M.A is quite nifty and parking is close by, High Wycombe is a bit of a sprawler and I am absolutely mystified as to where we were going and my sense of direction shot to pieces but that is where we were!!

On arrival Marco was already at the box office looking dapper as a cool dude  and ushered us in as if we were very important guests, i spy my sofa has already been taken but i meet up with George and he very kindly lets me stash my gear behind the sound desk! Matthew very quickly lays out his plant, sorting lighting and such and begins striding about looking for the best angle, it's not all taking piccies ay... when he works ... his kit is not your average kit! nor his flair for capturing the right image and hiring a professional photographer means you will not be getting images like off your mate's iphone. Some bands are quite happy with that ay.. and I have many piccies like it but if you want to see the class you can achieve, show a bit of class, Matt's work is worth paying for! I did and I am well pleased!!

I find myself sitting alongside a nice couple who appear to be in distress, the man it seems has tried Red Bull for the first time and has had a major caffeine rush! he was was babbling away anxiously and yet and at the same time tying to be so polite as he tried not to chuck up in front of me!! he did not want to miss the night's music and didn't want to go home and apologised profusely for his state!! Bless him and his good lady, as i went for a pint of water! :-) as he started coming down, we began to enjoy quite a cordial little chat and found out they were real hard core roses' fans but also like all sorts of music and we swapped tales of festivals we had known........really quite sweet and friendly ay... 

I spy Maria! and have a quick word, she is all about the place and is flip flopping the floor with determination, making sure the venue is tidy and all her guests are catered for! she embraces me with such fierce meaning i am taken aback! and then she was gone! 

So i wander out to the garden and rather cheerfully fall in to an ardent chat with the bass player of this night's entertainment! he is yet to put on full costume and there is ten minutes until they are on! he was so excited! ...ahhh me the act of performing, it has quite an allure my dears! quite an allure!...Matthew also stays himself for the main event and asks his assistant to check over his preparations and we all swiftly assume our positions.

I find myself up front with the friendly couple, he is quite well now and we gear ourselves up to throw some shapes!

Guns 2 Roses are ace!! they strut and pose and play all your favourites!! Slash and Axel are preening and keening! and Axel comes out with some rude and dismissive quips! right on cue! as musicians, the band are extremely precise and work it like the professionals they are emulating!! I admit i have not seen Guns 'n Roses live and am not aware of the stage shows they produced in their time......but i had always been under the impression for all his singing capability that Axel Rose was really quite a tit! and i was proved correct! It was so funny!! the front man, got him to a tee! quite a mean feat given how Axel Sang! but the postureing and egotistical raving too...was all there!! OH, OH, OH, OH! Sweet child of mi-i-i-ine!!! brilliant, live and let die!, paradise city! .......all you could wish for!! and the crowd went wild!!, they played for an hour or so! the mobile phones went up and the fawning girls layed hands over Axel's thighs!! ha ha ha! Wehay!!

And then it was over! all too soon ...and the crowd followed the faces of their hero's out the door! there was much swaggering and more posing and I do believe Axel managed to cop off with a groupie!! al in a days work.......the bass player was giggling to himself over a quiet fag and told us many tales of meeting and playing with the real Guns 'n Roses and fullfilling his dreams.......he had once been a robotic engineer... and one day had said fuck it! i want a different life! and he and the band have now been on the road for 10 years! good bloody luck to 'em!! they were extremely good value.

I say good night and find Matt, Marco and Maria at the bar, we are celebrating Goeorge's birthday and eat too much cake for one o'clock in the morining, we go over the evening and how groovy it was and make preperations for my next visits, The Beat, The Specials aaaaand Betty Woz 'Ere supporting The Blockheads and If :-).........did i say Betty Woz 'Ere supporting The Blockheads and If!? :-) yes I did Betty! November the 5th Betty? Yes! Betty! hurrah!!!

And we wend our way home and up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire! mummy and daddy Shaw are awake and waiting for a debriefing... but we are too tired for tea....the cake had  wiped me out! ha ha! n'night jon boy, n'night mary sue...

N'night sweet children of ;-)

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